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Forty 7 Ronin
Partner Tier : Bronze
Partner Type : Services Partner

About Forty 7 Ronin

Forty 7 Ronin provides voice solutions that solve business problems and delight your customers. In legend, the 47 Ronin have come to symbolize sacrifice, loyalty, persistence and honor that all people should express in their daily lives. Our company is founded on those ideals brought into the modern world. We are technological Samurai in the weaponry of the current age and we bring our Toukon, our fighting spirit, to your project.

Company Specialization

Forty 7 Ronin specializes in VUI Design, IVR Development and Speech Recognition.  We have developed unique transcription tools and a proven tuning methodology to improve any speech implementation.  Forty 7 Ronin has deep expertise in IVR self-service and CTI to the call center whether on Premise using Genesys Composer or in the Genesys Cloud using Genesys Designer.

Forty 7 Ronin

3578 Hartsel Dr. Unit E #245
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Phone : +1 719 445 8054

Website :

Country : United States
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