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Bell Canada
Partner Tier : Gold
Partner Type : Value Added Reseller (VAR)

About Bell Canada

Bell distinguishes its product offerings through its consultative and business-centric approach. Over the years, Bell has developed an in-depth knowledge of contact centre environments. As an organization dedicated to the planning, implementation, and support of state-of-the-art strategic contact centre solutions, Bell has put together a team of professionals who possess a thorough knowledge of the issues and challenges facing contact centers. At the core of Bell's achievements is a corporate philosophy that places great importance on fully understanding a client's needs and business environment before starting a project.

Company Specialization

The company vision to become a one-stop shop for all call centre solutions has caused Bell to specialize on the entire range of suite solutions. In addition to their product expertise, Bell offers strategic planning, technology evaluation, as well as maintenance, implementation, support, and remote monitoring.

Bell Canada

1 Carrefour Alex Graham Bell Montreal, QC H3E 3B3

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Country : Canada
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